The mission of Total Health is to identify and change the unwholesome ('unpleasant') factors in the behavior and consciousness of people in beneficial factors associated with mental and physical health. From a combination of western health psychology and oriental Buddhist psychological worldview, these unwholesome factors are diagnosed and treated. The principles of focused concentration and attention (cf. mindfulness) are important parts in the applied therapeutic techniques within the practices of Total Health.


The philosophy of Total Health on the creation and maintenance of health consists of the scientifically proven debilitating effect of "stress" on the overall health of humans. Persistent, or chronic stress of any kind whatsoever (mental and/or physical cause) leads to an imbalance between "load and overload". Consequently the body / psyche eventually produces sickness symptoms that eventually may develop into chronic, irreversible health conditions for which medical treatment is necessary. From this vision, Total Health seeks to health promotion strategies to apply in practice, while also attention is given to scientifically proven effects of sport and exercise to reduce stress symptoms and thus improve the overall health of a person.

The multidisciplinary treatment programs and techniques of Total Health are designed to break the vicious circle mentioned above in order enhance sustainable behavioral and healthy lifestyle by means of intensive and customized therapy/counseling.

Total Health provides a practice in a social need for (more) effective and productive multidisciplinary treatment strategies to the increasing health problems such as; "(youth) obesity", "overweight", "diabetes type II", and also "depression" and "anxiety".

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