Running as therapy
In curative and preventive programs of Total Health, running serves as a curative or preventive therapy agent to reduce or eliminate various health problems. Scientific research conclusively and repeatedly found that running under expert and supervised guidance has positive effects on the overall health of the client. Examples of health problems in which running therapy can be employed:

* Overweight / obesity;
* Diabetes-Type-II;
* Poor physical condition;
* Depressive symptoms;
* Burn-out;
* Stress and hyperventilation;
* Anxiety and stress symptoms.

Diagnosis of imbalance ("consultancy" phase)
The above symptoms are often the result of, and symptomatic of a disturbed balance between load/overload the client. Before participating in the 8-week program of "running therapy", a "consultancy phase" (interview, diagnostic testing, feedback interview and assessment) diagnostic research is applied. This phase includes various tests and questionnaires in order to get a good picture of the specific and unique factors which are responsible for the imbalance in the client. Also, the basic training principles and relevant themes such as "stress" and "overload" are taught in the consultancy phase of the training program. In total there are 2 to 3 sessions in the "consultancy" phase, so prior to the therapy runningprogram.

8-week running program
The running therapy program at Total Health consists of an 8-week training program, which is 3 times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, trained under the supervision and guidance of a trainer/exercise scientist/psychologist. In total there are 24 training sessions of 60 minutes each, in which the load is gradually increased according to the so-called "graded activity" principle. The chance of success is thus guaranteed.

Scientifically sound customization
There are 3 "measuring moments" (1. For test 2. Na 4 weeks test 3. Final test) comparing to an objective and scientific manner to an objective and scientific manner the progression of physical fitness and reduction of stress. If necessary, the customized program can be adjusted to reach optimum results.

Location and time of training?
* Location: Gym
* Location outside: negotiable
* Start date first group / client (e): --/--/2013
* Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Sign in for training program
Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the above description (s) of complaint patterns or do you think other unknown reasons you wish to participate, please register via the registration form or by sending an email. We will as soon as possible contact you to make an initial appointment for the intake and consultancy phase.

Tariffs and rates
For the rates of the various components (consultancy phase, running group therapy, individual therapy, running, etc.), please refer to the corresponding menu of the website.

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