The therapy program offerings at Total Health is classified under three domains:

1. Curative programs;
2. Preventive programs;
3. Performance-oriented programs.

Ad.1. Curative Programs.
Curative programs involve lifting, reduce and/or minimize health problems. From the so-called "load/overload model", there is often an imbalance, whether caused by stress and/or environmental factors. The signs or symptoms can include;

* Depressed mood, feeling gloomy;
* Anxiety;
* Hyperventilation
* Lack of initiative;
* Lack of exercise;
* Eating and sleeping;
* Forgetfulness;
* Excessive worrying behavior;
* Suicidal thoughts;
* Headache;
* Abdominal pain;
* Back pain complaints;
* Overweight / obesity;
* Poor physical condition / fitness;
* Type-II diabetes.

A multidisciplinary strategy is followed to complete the curative programs. Both the psychic and physical capacity of the client is thoroughly investigated through diagnostic examination. This includes fitness tests, interview techniques, history taken and research expertise. The results of this examination are reported in an expert report and carefully discussed with the client. This process of examination and report is executed in the so-called "consultancy" phase. The aim is to provide the best possible personalized tailored treatment program. The successful achievement of the treatment targets are guaranteed.

Ad.2 Preventive Programs
The preventive programs’ general objective is to optimize health, for example by improving physical fitness. From the aforementioned "load / overload model" an imbalance may exist, but this is not reflected in observable symptoms or health problems yet.

Ad.3. Performance-oriented programs
The performance-oriented programs involves clients / athletes sporting objectives, which can be coached individually and/or in groups. This includes for example improving personal records for running, training for a race (marathon/half marathon). Present sport psychological insights show that psychological and mental factors such as "attention and concentration", "activation and relaxation", "mind control" are important themes for "mental training". Exercise and motion scientific knowledge ( physiological, biomedical, anatomical) and insights are used by Total Health for specific training methods / techniques exist to achieve the desired objectives and performance as efficiently as possible.

The treatment techniques and training methods used by Total Health at the above programs can be used;

* Running Therapy (running therapy);
* Running Guidance;
* Mental training;
* Stessmanagement;
* Cognitive-behavioral;
* Rational Emotive Therapy (RET);
* EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing);
* Relaxation training;
* Mindfulness;
* Short term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.

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